Here’s a simple script for compiling any irssi release version from sourcecode. the script is called

This is how you use it: you run this command as root first: wget -O /root/, then you run the compile script as root to install for example Irssi 1.4.2: “sh /root/ 1.4.2”.

This script requires you need to install first ncurses, openssl, perl and GLIB 2.0. Do it with pkg_add as root like this: `pkg_add install ncurses openssl perl glib2”.

To use this script on Debian based Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Devuan, Raspbian (Debian fork for Raspberry Pi micro computers), Armbian (Odroid Debian fork), Odrobian (Odroid Debian fork)) you need to install packages ncurses5-dev, zlib1g-dev, libssl-dev and glib2.0-dev with apt as root: “apt install ncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev libssl-dev glib2.0-dev. after that as root do: “wget -O /root/”. After that run as root to compile for example Irssi 1.4.2: “sh /root/ 1.4.2”.

This script should be very easy to use. If you can not install irssi with this script on OpenBSD or Debian based Linux distributions, send private message to Quo-fan.